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Bonjour Fellas! I'm Aina :) Nice to know you . Thanks for the visiting , I'm very appreciate it kay :) My blog is simple and this is my private blog . Thanks :')

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Anyenghaseyo! btol x aku eja nyh?
ukeyh!yg ny BFF sye..cyunk dye larh!
kitorg kenal sjak drjh 3 but x tegur lngsung coz dye kelas laen,sye kelas laen
drjh 5 bru kitorg kwn
meyh sini nk story ttg dye

name: Nur Fatin Amani Bt. Azahan
nickname: Fatin, amani, NiNa
age: #like me!
has be MN

dye ny mnat giler kt SHAHIR AF
asyik duk brtengking je ngn dye nk lawan ngn my DAK KENTANG
she hate korean!

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