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Bonjour Fellas! I'm Aina :) Nice to know you . Thanks for the visiting , I'm very appreciate it kay :) My blog is simple and this is my private blog . Thanks :')

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My Hero..

yg ny my hero no.2
yg no 1 da story kn-3?
nme dye Nickchun
ensem giler kn-5?
baek ckp ensem kalo x kene bunuh..HAHA

bwh ny serba sdkit about Nichkchun

Name: Nickhhun Horvejkul
Nickname:  Khunnie Boy, Khunnie Boo, Khun Ddeng
profession: actor,singer, model
Birthdate: 24 JUN 1988
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Label: jyp Entertainment
Education: Los Osos High School #USA
Hobbies:  watching film,  piano
Debut Album: Hottest Time of the Day

fact-2 about Nichkhun:-
~ had stay at American 
~ very love at his sister & younger sister
~ he don't give his member 2pm couple with her yonger sister especially OkCat bcoz OkCat like sleep
~ even Nichkhun not korean people..he understand korean styles from members 2pm.# spe org korea sebenarnya?
~ Nichkhun is the one from his members 2pm not study right now
~ Nichkhun very proud of ice skatter,Kim Yuna
~Nichkhun if he angry, he'll angry in mixed styles #Korea, Thailand, English & China  
~ Nichkhun want to be a football player in his dream
~ Nichkhun is a 'ank manja'..even adults, he not shy 2 hug his mom n kiss her dad
~favourite korean food nichkhun is Sam Gyup Sal
~Nichkhun like his GF older than him
~ first kiss for nichkhun when he is 17 y/o
~ Nichkhun very closed wif members of SUJU, Siwon and Donghae

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